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recap of en.zzzz. and a journal entry

a bit long sorry

not any crazy antics or entertaining stories on this one jsut a recap of my amazing last fee weeks in oakura and around new zealand. this is mostly straight out of my journal which i might add is the second one i am writing(filled up my first in oz.)

though im scared of my ability to be able to relay ny time in new zeland (yes said it bedore haha) especailly in the 'naki to its full extent i will try my best to put down in words the unbelievable time i have had and what made what could be called one of the best times in my short life so far.(wow what a run on sentence). just three days short of a month made up my time in taranaki and every day but one was spent in oakura. the way i fell when i think of oakura is nothing but a positive vibe and somewhere i will long to be until the next time. i could not imagine anywhere else i would rather live and poissibly raise a family. though i hear the winters here aren't to pleasent, i could still not imagine anything puttin a bad taste in my mouth of the place. unless of course you include how much i will miss my family and friends of oakura. to start off i would like to talk about some of the most special people i have come across on my trip and that of course is the gibson family. whether it be seeing how amazing gibby and snoz are as parents or how they are people i can call friends for the rest of my life, or how glad i am to have a second sister in sammy who at 17 is so talented and had recently been given the job as N.Z. editor of WAKE magazine which is based in australia.BIG UPS SAMMY. i will no doubt always have a smile on my face when i think of them. it is amazing the people i have come across on this trip and lucky i was meeting ones who in long long run wil have shaped the person i turn out to be. i have a brother in michael and i cant wait to see him again especailly if it while he is on the road cutting loose like i have been. the three weekends in a row that were spent with him and sammy on the road will always be something i look back on and tell stories about to my kids (when theyare old enough of course to handle the fact that their dad did some pretty amazing and stupid things in his day)
mike's parents were awsome as well and always willing to lend a hand at making my trip any better than it could be. his mom angie was an awsome person and someone who because of her energy was always funt o be around. his dad gary is a very laid back guy and was such a big help wiht getting me a job which was something that made my extended trip in oakura possible. it will be interesting to see how they cope with tom their absolutley non english speaking brazilian exchange student who looks to possibly be absolutley non english speaking when he leaves in 6 months haha.

though there are tons here i could list, the friends i have made in such a short time is emmense. i dont think i was surrounded by one negative person the entire time and no doubt i have friends that will last me a life time. especailly my boy matt who may be one of the funniest and easy to get along with people i hvae ever met. though there were many to be had we deffiently missed the laughs we could have this past week if matt was with us especailyl at sound splash.

the past week of my time in oakura was spent hanging out wiht matt before he went to college this past thursday. there was no surf so we managed to keep ourselves busy while mike and sammy were at school and work. we had had a fun going away bbq at matt's house on teusday that was filled with drunken potato gunning and relaxing with the crew along with some of the parents. matts last night and my last in oakura was spent at the gibson's house staying up late and shooting the shit. thursday saw matt leaving for school and me packing once again to get ready for a road trip wiht mike though this time it would not be a roundtrip back to beautiful oakura. mike and i hit it up to raglan to once again find small surf. the plan was to meet up with the girls the next day to set up camp at wainui reserve where the eco-friendly reggae fest sound splash was being held. by the end of the day our set included 11 girls, mike and i. that uncluded snoz and her friends shell and deb. shell is the always smiling, dread headed best freind to snoz and when those two are togehter you are gauranteed an out their amazing time deb. i first met her and her husban shane at the first wke board comp we went to and deffiently hope to see them again in the future. .deb is shell's friend who until the last day convinced all us kids she was a hardcore " born again christian" haha. all of sammy's girl friends on the trip were so fun and easy to get along with. and theoretically with that many girls there could have been someone theoretically in particular who i really enjoyed meeting but hey thats just a theory.

our time at sound splash was deffiently a memorable experience especially seeing that i got o see my new favorite band ever LITTLE BUSHMEN. we had our cars set up as a tent city and our little comune which is where we spent most of our time while not at the venue. i saw the sun come up on my last day in the country with some theoretical person which was fun.

tired as hell and with our sad faces on. mike snoz. sammy and del drove me to the airprt 3 hours north to aukland. after chillin in the airport a bit we said our farwewells though not goodbyes because i will def. see them again and hopefully sometime soon.

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