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some more videos and last night in taranaki

so its my last nigth here in th 'Naki and been having a quiet night mith sammy , snoz, mike and his mom. gibby is out of town to a conference so i said my goodbyes yesterday. tommorow we all hit the road (for the 3rd weekend in a row) to go up for sound splash reggae fest. www.motherland.co.nz is the web site so check it out and drool over all the fun i will have before the gang drives me up to aukland to catch my flgiht on sunday to los angeles the good ol u.s. of a. also a sad departure from birty happened the other day especially said seeing that it only put $100 bucks in my pocket. haha guess thats life when your traveling especially in a van with 400,000 kilometers and a seized engine. so onto the videos: jsut a quick tour of the house and where i have been living for the past few weeks. and a very repulsive video of me doing a "suicide" shot which consists of snorting salt, taking a shot of teq. and shooting lemon in the eyes sorry to offend anyone. haha seeing that this is towards the end of my trip a vid like this isnt helping the idea that i might have grown up jsut a bit during this trip haha. more videos to come fromt he concert and my time in l.a.

sorry to offend anyone at home haha hope you have more fun watching than i did making it

here is the aftermath, me trying to drain out my sinuses. idiot!

also some more photos from the time here more to come!!


snoz_and_i.jpgsnoz, jesse and i

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so i just figured out that you could put videos on this thing. heres a small clip of me and the boys messing around with a potatoe gun!! enjoy haha as you can tell i didnt! hopefully some more mature and safe videos to come.

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it was bound to happen

so if tellin ya i am sitting here in front of the computer only being able to type with one hand leads you to a bad conclusion than you my friend are right!!! i broke my emeregeny room virginity for this trip and the good thing is im still smiling. after a long days work at my mates dad's car dealership(cleaning cars) i decided to go for a trail ride on motor bikes out on matt's farm.and as on par with my motor bike ride in bali it went to the shits real quick. my conclusion :stick to surfing though i wont be able to do it for 4 weeks. the synopsis: torn ligaments and squashed nerves in the wrist. nothing a little R.I.C.E(rest,ice,compression,elevation) as the doctor called it wont fix!! never being to keen into the motor sport side of extreme sports and i was more than uncomfortable today and should have deffinetly listened to my self when i told myself not to ride. oh well jsut another positive lesson to bring from the trip. also last ngiht went hunting out on matts farm which is another first for me. we hunted possums which are complete pest here and do not look a thing like the possums at home more like bush babies/monkys. guess im becoming a good ol' boy haha. also headin up with sammy to another wakeboard comp this weekend as she does an internship for WAKE magazine whiel she is studying journalism. tommorow night i have my mate tom's 18th b day party to go to which is in a rented dance club in town. should be fun seeing that 18ths are like our 21st with the drinking age and all.

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So it seems that every time i neglet my blog for a period of time it is because of busyness from having so much fun and these past couple of weeks have been absolutley no different. It makes me worried writing this that i will in no way capture the times i have had recently with words but i will try my best.

The last time i updated this thing i was preparing myself for awhile alone and trying to cope with being anti social. Damn I couldnt have been more wrong!!! Let me take ya back to the beginning of my amazing time here in Taranaki.

After staying a night at Evan's house whom i met in gisborne i headed about 20 mintues out of new plymouth to the town/village of oakura where i have been ever since. oakura is a very laid back town consisiting of about 100 houses, a skate park and a holiday/camp park. i parked Birty up in front of the beach whom had already blown her muffler and was making the loudest most bad ass sound that turns heads and actually set off car alarms. after a day of sitting on the beach, reading and surfing i was befriended by some of the most out going and talkative girls who were holidaying with their family right down the street and were from new plymouth.maddy_meg.jpg Meg, maddy, izzy,. and meg are four young girls ( 15 yrs) were the beggining of my time meeting and making just some more lifelong friends. i soon started to hang out with their older brothers whom are my age and all surf.

For the next week i had dinner at their camp sites with them and the rest of their 16 family members and started to feel as if i was settleing down again , the last time being airlie beach in australia. our times were spent hanging out with the crew which was continually being added to by other kids we met who lived here in oaks and getting some awsome surf in along wiht some bridge jumping.bridge_jump.jpg even the girls surfed. around this time was when i for the first time on this trip started opening my eyes to the possibility of being an ex-pat living abroad, especially somewhere so amazing as oakura.

After the families from new plymouth left to go back to school after summer holiday i continued to stay in the van and started to hang out alot wiht the crew i have been with all this time. though there are about 6 or 7 of us that are constantly hangin out the core group of us is made up of Mike, Matt , Sammy and I what_the_fuck.jpg(the crew)who hang out at sammies all day which is one of the best atmospheres i have ever been in but ill get to that later. Mike is 17 and works for a land surveying company, matt is a 19 year old uni student studying to be a vet and lives on one of the most amazing farms ever. sammy is in her last year of highschool (here it is year 13) is just one of the guys and my sister from another mister.

Besides sammies house our haunts have included matt's farm, mikes house looking over the water and the skate park in town. we spend most of our time bumming around sammie's house which is where i am staying at the moment. her parents are some of the most amazing and fun to be with people i have ever met especially for parents. Snoz, the all over the place mom is always making this place interesting and there is always some amazing reggae or other cool music blaring through the house which is always opened aired and looks over the ocean. groovey aka gibby aka paul is the dad thats hold this place together with his out of nowhere humor and relaxing as just one of the boys. i feel like i have met another family that i was destined to be apart of.

Now lets get to the amazing fun times which will partly be censored from this blog haha. we have had some awsome times together going into town for parties in auto garages and in the middle of the road based around birdy. not to mention the late night tequllia throw downs that have frequented these parts. though what i am about to write could be its own book i will try to put it in here for you to get the full grasp of what most of us are calling the best weekend of our lives.

the plan was made about a week earlier(during our tequllia happenings) for the boys to head up to raglan for a surf trip and with our fingerrs crossed that birty would make it, thats just what we did. road_trippin.jpgmike took friday and monday off of work and we hit the coast with a stop half way there for a great surf at a place called mokau. now the interesting part of this leg was the fact that after we left mokau we didint arrive in raglan until 6 hours later which was surprising because of the fact it was only supposed to be a 3 hour drive.where_are_we.jpg(lost) we continuoly got lost and had some amazing laughs talking boy talk and yelling at sheep. we finally made it to raglan after the sun went down to go to sleep early enough to be up at sunrise to low and behold find the surf to be completely flat.. this is where it got interesting with the choice to either head back home where the surf was good or to continue the road trip. but where to..? it just so happened that sammie, her folks and our mate rosie was on the east coast about 6 hours away at a pro wakeboard comp. with the promise of tickets to the v.i.p. after party we were quickly on the road going transcoastal.

much differently to the leg before, with bikins and beers in our mind we made amazing time over to napier. though known for being the hottest sunniest place in the country we were greeted in napier by rainy, cloudy weather but after the times we had already had there was noway anything was bringing us down from our high on life. we got a good surf in mid day stuck.jpg(stuck)and headed to the wakeboard comp where snoz,gibby and the girls were working. i met a real cool girl named sonny from orlando who knows some of my mates from back home in the wakebaord industry. after dodging rain all day and watching some impressive riding we were ready for the after party. and ready we were!!!!! to put a long nite short we watched two amazing bands and converesed with some cool pro wakeboarders whom i realized i had alot in common with after talkin about our travelling adventures. the highlight of the night was the dancing and mikes flaming mangina. hahaha.

we woke up sunday morning glad it was still gloomy weather as the sun would deffinetly had made our head pound a bit more if thats possible. us boys had plans to travel up the coast for a surf as the rest headed home and head back the next day. but.. as on par with the rest of the trip those plans changed and the van was all of a sudden made quite busy with the girls and us making 5 and snoz and groovey following behind.bus_chillin.jpg our 6 hour trip turned into 12 as we all stopped numerouse times at different spots on the way and highlights included watching sammy and rosie do bunjy jumping along wiht a great lunch by lake toupo and funnily enough another highlight included the back window of my van being smashed out by matt and a loose beer bottle which somehow ended up outside the van.window.jpgthe funiest part of the trip had to be coming back into new plymouth. now besides the muffler problem birty had run smooth as can be and this was all about to chang. as if in a movie we were 10kms from home and not because were sight seeing we were going about 15mph down the highway wiht everyone in the back giving her encouragment at the top of her lungs and the paresnt in the front with their high breams on as our lights didint work at all. . birty decided her time was up and puttered and threatened all the way home where she is currently residing on the street waiting for me to figure out what to do with her. we all made it back to sammies at about 12 at night tired as hell and ready for a good night sleep that all of us were needing after the best weekend of our lives.

so long story short if thats possible i am having the time of my life and have extended my trip by a week and just bought tickets to soundsplash a reggae fest in raglan with sammie, mike. snoz and her friend shell. another road trip coming up!!!!
dinner3.jpg dinner an hour ago on sammies back porch

here are some more random photos

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so after continual surfing in raglan for three days i made my day down here to taranaki which is a large outcrop of land based around the volacano mount egmont. the surf here is supposed to be great with 50 diffrent surf spots within an hour of each other. the first night i get here i stayed wiht a family i had met in gisborne and it was real nice to finally settle down a bit in a family atmosphere and see what its liek to live civilized haha. they also had a daughter the same age as my sister with the same name so it brought back tons of mememories. cant wait to see my litlle sissy in costa. hopefully shes still my little sister and not some grown up chick that she wasnt before i left haha i guess being the only child for awhile can get to your head.

last night a camped on the beach and hung out wiht some cool americans i have met and let me mention that they are some of the only cool americans i have met in 6 months haha. either you hardly meet one travelling or you meet one that puts a bad taste in your mouth. after waking up to pissing rain i went back to sleep and actually slept in till about 8 30 which is pretty good in the van. im going to stick around taranaki for a week or so and i am going to do some work on the families far to earn some extra cah to spend in l.a. man its weird to think that in less than a month i will see cars drive on the right side of the road and will prolly eat mcdonalds . sorry for the absence of pictures i have been surfing way to much to do anything else which is a great thing. cheers mattes!!!

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