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uh-oh i lost my map

so after unforeseen circumstances at home my trusty travel partner and map Alyce left me. we had a great two weeks together and memories to last a life time. you know how you say you'd be lost without someone, well today i figured out that saying literally. after dropping her off at the airport i out the city behind me and cruised straight to the coastal town of raglan known as having one of the best waves in the world. the 2 hour drive turned into 5 as i wouldn't dare stop ask for directions and couldn't read the map to save my life ha ha. i made it here greeted by stormy weather and dismal waves. after contemplating what to do i decided i might as well go out for a surf and it wasn't to bad after all but nothing to write home about. i headed into town to discover my wallet was nowhere to be found and quickly headed back to the beach making to 25 minute drive in about 10. i never thought it would be a blessing to have lost my wallet but it sure was. i ended up finding it in the parking lot but the best thing was the change of weather. as soon as i found my wallet the sun started creeping out of the clouds and it ended up being an amazing afternoon. not being one to dismiss a positive omen i quickly jumped back into my wet clothes and ended this afternoon with an amazing 2 hour session under the sun and in warm water.

with the premature departure of Alyce i am now left with just under a month of solitude. at first i was really not looking forward to it seeing that the past few months have been spent with some amazing friends and not to much alone time to speak of. after todays drive alone through the rolling hills and the only views being sheep and cows i have come to realize that this might be just what i need, a time for reflection and chances to meet more amazing people. my plan as of now is to relax in the coastal town of Taranaki down the coast for a week or so and fill my time with surfing , reading ( just finished my 15th book of the trip) and starting the practice of yoga. could be filled with a ton of high moments and potentially a lot of lows as well, as most of you know i am a very social person (as my teachers have complained to the rents for the past 12 years) and being on my own for awhile is something i will definitely have to adjust to. one great thing i have to look forward to besides the two minute noodles im eating tonight is the reunion i will have with my parents and sister in just about 40 days in good old Nosara, Costa Rica where i will then reside until just before school starts in September. might be a while till my next update seeing that ill be camped out in the woods with a pile of books and living the hippy lifestyle for the next few weeks. oh and also another really cool thing that happened jsut to make you guys jealouse at home. alyce and i while at gisborne last week were the FIRST people in the WORLD to see the sunrise how cool is that? if thats possible then isnt it about time for you guys at home to start thinkin of travelling?

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a week of beauty

the last week on the road has been the most awe inspiring part of my trip by far. this country is full of the most beautiful scenery i can ever imagine. every where we go in birty there ios a new thing to comment out loud on and it is getting quite repeititive between me and alyce saying wow thats amazing or thats beautiful! so we have tried to use to some more off the wall adjectives to use. another great thing is that i finally surfed after about 3 months of being dry. it brought me back to life especially with my bout of flu. i dont know why i went so long wiothout surfing but that moght be the only time the rest of my life especially seeing how great it made me feel again. we made iot up to the tip of new zealand which is called cape reinga and are currently at lake toupo, a very nice quaint town over looking the biggest freshwater lake in australasia and is over looked by a large snow topped moutain. our plan is to travel over to the east coast for some surfing and beach time before heading to the south island. heres ome photos from our trip thus far though they wont come close to doing this country justice.

color_steps.jpgsulfuric creek in a thermal resort

geyser.jpglady knox geyser

jet_boating.jpgjet boating

just_drivin.jpg just the scenery while driving

lookin_at_the_tip.jpg the tip of new zealand where the pacific ocean and tasman sea meet

maori_house.jpg this is in a maori vilage we visited

mouth_geyser.jpg haha


sunset3.jpgsunset where we slept last night

wake_up.jpgand where we woke up, not bad veiw eh?

the_tip.jpgwhich way home? ok you go that way ill go this way

water_fall.jpg huka water fall where we jet boated to

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On the Road in The land Of The Kiwis

so after a week of painful boredom and sickness i finally left aukland. i picked up alyce on thursday and we took off friday morning. our mode of transport this trip is in style with our new mate Birty. a 1987 toyota camper van with 394,000 kilometers, a bed and a sink. complete set up! the old girl isnt the best running car as you could expect to get for $1800 u.s. the first night on the road proved to be a stressful but still funny one and we got birty stuck in a ditch and had to have her towed out in the middle of the night. we are currently in the bay of islands on the north island and despite the pissing rain i have never seen so much beautiful country side go forever. jsut one hour out of the city we came upon a hiking trail that took us through the most breathtaking rain forest to a water fall. now i can see what my dad is going for in our back yard wiht all of the new zealand and australian ferns and palms. our plan is to stick here for another day and take a tour of the islands. to many peoples dismay not inlcuding mine there is a cyclone coming to hit land soon but for me that means great waves and tommorow we are heading to 90m mile beach so i can finally after a few months of to much partying get wet. here are some photos... stay tuned!

birty.JPG heres the beauty
. muff the magic wagons kiwi cousin

ditch.jpgnot in a very good position here


forest.JPGthe rain forest


circus.jpgcircuz ole(sp?)

sky_tower.jpgauklands claim to fame the sky tower

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finally some pics from the last bit of my time in australia

here are some pics from my last week or so in sydney and on the south coast. iv put better up but figured id give you guys something to check out before your screens start blowing up with photos of amazing things from this beautiful land of the kiwis. also want to throw up a belated happy birthday to my boys nicholas and bj. wish i could have been there guys!!!

fireworks_1.JPG some piss poor photos of the new years eve fireworks but ig uess my camera jsut takes the pictures of how i am seeing things at that moment


the_crowd.JPGthe crowd wathcing the display

raincoat.JPGdad your always telling me to wear a raincoat

chillin_by_muff.JPGchillin by muff the magic wagon

pigeons.JPGlook mom the pigeons like me

opera_house.JPGanother shot fo the opera house , nevr gets old the beauty is amazing from any angle

lighthouse.JPGsouth coast lighthouse

southcoast.JPG south coast veiw

7_mile_beach.JPG 7 mile beach

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I Want My Mommy!

so i have hit a new low today and havent felt this bad yet on my travels. i woke up this morning and stupidly volunteered to do house keepig for free accomodation at the hostel. to my susrprise i was sick as hell with the flu and feel like crap. it felt good to talk to the folks today which lifted my spirits a bit. only two months till i see them in costa rica!!! i dont have much to report on new zeland yet as i am in aukland jsut another big city im not to keen on. man how nice it would be to crawl up in my bed at home and have my wonderful mom taking care of me. guess ill have to resort to a bunk bed with tons of germans in my room not speaking a lick fo english. do any of you guys have any rmedies for the flu that i maybe wouldnt know about? hope all is well at home and your holidays went well!!!

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