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from back offices to beauty in meer hours.

so i guess i made a good enough impression on australia for them to not want me to leave today. but not to worry after seeing numerouse back offices of airlines and costoms i was allowed to leave the country but not without some sweet talkin and being the smooth guy i am. when i checked in this morning (thank god i got there 3 hours ahead) i could tell it wasnt going to be pleasent jsut fromt the check in girls look on her face. there was a problem with ticketing and to make things worse my visa had run out today as well. they needed proof of an onward ticket from new zealand which i dont have and didnt plan on having until this occured. so now i am flying out of aukland on the 20th of feb to l.a. before hitting home sweet home of costa rica for god knows how long. the past week in sydney was ok with with the highlight of course being new years eve. i spent my last few days wiht brock tom kelly and brit in a campsite and last night in a hostel near the airport. yesterday i had a great time wiht alyce's parents as they took me on a driving tour of the south coast and i convinced them to show me most of the pubs on the way down as well which made for a great day and good conversation. i ahve been so fortunate to meet people like this my entire trip and have seemes to be able to see things that most backapackers dont get to see because it is not on the "backpackers" route. i am currently in aukland , jsut another big city until i hit the road with my travelling mate alyce as we explore this country that is ment to be one of the most beautiful in the world. looks like everyone back at home is heading back to school from the holidays and man do i pitty you haha. guys keep your heads up in class and maybe you can learn enough one day to be smart enough to get off your lazy asses and do a trip like this lol. pics from new years and the south coast still to come once i can get to an internet cafe that will allow it.

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Bringing in The New Year Down Under.

in style of course....

So with five more days in this beautiful country and memories to last a life time i celebrated new years a whole 15 hours ahead of you lot back home. Brock. tom. kelly , brit and i started our day at 10 am making our way to the city to get set up for the fireworks which werent till 9 pm and 12 that night. the reason we left so early is beacuse of the histaria that ensued with the 1.2 milliom projected people flooding the city. known as the second largest new years celebration behind rio de janero and the second major city in the world to celebrate the new year(behind aukland by an hour) we were sure to not be disspaointed. and trust me dissapointed we werent. we made our way to a place known as the domain along wiht 25 thousand other attendees. the pictures that you may have seen in the mornigns news paper of sydney fireworks were most likely taken from the domain which over looks the harbour with the sydney opera house and harbour bridge being perfect back drops for the fireworks display that included 800 thousand peices of pure beauty. after the 9 oclock "family display" brit and i made our way to the city with bigger and better things planned and later met up wiht the crew. the energy in a city with 1.2 million poeple crowding the streets is nothing to be missed. though i have said before i am disgusted by big cities it was still a sight to behold. after meeting some ozzies from sydney , they took us on a while run through secret alley ways and bushes to get a prime location to view the best fireoworks show i have seen in my entire life. i was standing on a fence over looking the water with an insane crowd of people shoulder to shoulder below me which just added to the insanity. a first in my life was getting my new years kiss over a phone which was cool thing but not somehting id say " dude youv got to try it" (sorry lyce your a much better kisser in person haha)after that we ran the streets for hours on end and i got a phone call into the scures family (best mate) back home which made my night even better. one thing i would say "dude youv got to try this" is to be riding a train home and watching the sun rise. what a beautiful experience and a great way to start a new refreshing year. my plan is to fly into aukland n.z. on the fifth and stay around for a few days before alyce my co worker from in airlie flys in on the tenth and we move on the tour another country to add to the passport. i hope evreyones new years celebrations were half as good as mine because if they were you had fun. and i hope everyone has stayed safe and has a great start to another amazing year. on another quick note. please do yourself a favor and read the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. a great way to help you veiw life differently and learn to live life in the moment and to the fullest. a must read.

one happy camper

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some more photos

down here in sydney at the moent for new yeas. i am absolutely hating it. i thank god that my folks didnt raise me in the atmosphere of a big city. i wish i was still back up in airlie where i an feel the comfort of home and some other perks ;)enjoy the phots they are just randoms from recent times

beer_pong.JPGbeer pong xmas party


station.JPGtrain station

brit_kel.JPGkel and brit


fridge.JPGnutritional value- 0%
fun value 444%

beach.JPGmanly beach

xmas tree.JPG

hooker.JPGbrock and toms effort at picking up or being picked up

sunset2.JPGand a nice sunset to finish off. have a great new years!!!!

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christmas time and a sad departure

so we had a great xmas here in hot australia with the temp being around 100 on the 25th. the day was started off with alyce jesse and i opeing presents and getting ready for the big party in cannonvale the town over. jesse is a real cool canadian who ahs been bumming at the apartment while hes in towna and we have all goten along real well. on xmas eve the three of us went for a really nice dinner at a restaraunt called capers on the beach. the most expensive meal thus far on my trip but by far one of the more memorable ones. the party we went to on xmas day was unlike most x mas parties back at home. you would have thought it was a frat house with continual debauchary. jesse and i introduced beer pong to this great country and it caught on like fire. i am currently in sydney after a sad departure last night from airlie my home for the past two months and home to some amazing memories and life long friends. i was greeted at the airport by amy one of my mates from airlie and we had a big night on the town last night. here are some pics (more to come),enjoy and hope everyones holidays were as festive and exciting as they are down under!!!

dinner2.JPGchristmas eve dinner

opeing.JPGpresent time


xmas tree.JPGhere is our xmas tree(street baracade) in memory of driveway maintnance

x mas trio.JPGroomies


alyce opeing.JPGalyce

headin to the party.JPGparty time

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here comes santa clause ,here comes santa clause.....

so xmas is rapidly approaching and i hope all the last minute preperations are going well back in the states. it is such a different pace around here for the holidays that i havent witnessed before. i have been back out on the boat the past few days and have missed a few christmas parties but it seems like xmas eve and day are the big deal around here and there are already plans for about 5 diffferent house parties the day before the day of and the day after (boxing day).pter pans had its xmas party on one of the island resorts named day dream. it was jsutthe 5 of us that went over and had a great day of mini golf and swim up bars. i jsut recently made the plan to stay here for xmas and i will fly down to sydney to meet the "family" for new years. they actually made a surprise appearnce on the way down form cairns right before i went on the baot.and super stoked to egt back up wiht brock down there and here all about new zealand which i fly to on the 5ht of jan. i am gutted i wont be with them for christmas but it will be a great new years eve as sydney is said to have one of the worlds biggest celebrations. also happy hanukka to all my jewish mates back at home!! here are some pics from around town and boat.

daydram.JPG xmas party on day dream
mermaid.JPGmermaid loving on daydream

amy alyce nick.JPGroomates

alyce and i.JPGalyce and i

family.JPGthe family

renee.JPGa lil taste of peter pans

peters.JPG this is where i work

mykonos.JPGlunch break

limbo.JPGlimbo on the boat an interesting mix

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