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jackasses/johnny knocksville

Sorry for the absence of blogs lately. it has been typical life in airlie and i have done another boat trip since i last blogged. i am going on another baot today. the boat is called anaconda 3 and is a 3 night trip to the outer reef and is a diving boat. its weird but i havent even felt like i am travelling lately. i have seettled down in the apartment and jsut got two new roomates yesterday whom are girls so that could be interesting, dont know how they will be able to put up with my mess which has had the landlord already threaten to kick me out haha. besides the baot life on land has been usual, just parties and other social functions especially because of x mas coming up.also the group has been back in town but they left a couple days ago for cairns and we will all meet again shortly. its nice living in a town like this. a very local feel and going into different establishments and knowing most of the staff or patrons is a great feeling. also we have had an odd celebrity encounter recently with johnny knocksville from jackass etc.., we have had great tiems with him because he is actually travelling by himself and staying in a hostel oddly enough. i will soon give you all a picture tour of the town but that will be after this boat trip. heres some pics from the other night at magnums backpacker hostel in the infamous room 75

sonny and i.JPG
johnny.JPG(johnny knocksville)
wrestle.JPGinsane wrestling match. guess i could say ig ot my ass kicked by johnny knocksville. you should have seen the room afterwards
lal la.JPG

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back on land.. with some pictures

sunset1.jpgso after a great three days along the beutiful Tongarra i have made it back to the real world of peter pans travel agency. i went on the Tong. as a "host" and had a blast. i was given the oppurtunity by the boats owners whom i have met in town and will be forever gratefull for being given a lifetime of memories. the boat is a beutiful catamaran that held 23 passengers . my job was to help with cookin and pretty much jsut make sure everyone was having a good time. it was a great mix of people with everyone from all over the world except for any north americans which i am finding over and over is what makes people happiest (no north americans) haha. the tong is known as one of the few party boats of the whitsunday islands whish is an inlay of the great barrier reef. we had a great time with drinkin games which seem to be very universal nowadays no matter what language you speak. during the day we spent our time snorkelling the reef and "gooning". last night we had a huge dress up party and we were visited by quite a few others from other boats. i was pocahontas which ended up being more of jsut a reason to run around a boat naked than to be dressed as an indian. boat life seems to be for me and i have been offered to do more trips while i am here in airlie. something about sleeping under the stars on the deck made me realize how much this trip has ment to me and how many unreal exeriences i have encountered becaus of it. it also made me miss home alot. i couldnt stop thinkin about this last summer at home and all of the amazing experiences i shared with everyone in my life and how i cant wait to share with everyone what this trip has brought to me.

tong.JPGthe Tongarra

work1.JPGwhistle while you work

whitehaven.JPG this is whitehaven beach. named one of the most beautiful in the world. this picture does it no justice. the sand is 98% silica (silicone) which is the highest in the world. the japs bid on the sand to mine every year but are of course denied because of the beauty that would be ruined. you can polish jewellry and exfoliate your skin which was by far the best part of my trip haha.

me whitehaven.JPG

passengers.JPGthe passengers

party1.JPGdress up

jimmy.JPGjimmy the skipper

first flop.JPGsecond flip.JPGsome fun off the back of the boat

crew.JPGjimmy eddie and i (crew) with some of the gooning passengers. hey bet ya regret that one huh eddie ahha

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turkey day and newspaper clippin

Happy Thanksgiving. im going bush turkey hunting today for dinner tonight. wish me luck. haha i asked one of my co workers if she knew about thanksgiving and she said she had herd of it on the simpsons. today is the first day where i actually really miss home and family and i cant imagine what christmas will be like.

tu.JPG got in the newspaper today. making my local debut.

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airlie beach

my temp. home

65415goon1.JPGairlie beach lagoon
me1.JPGjust showing mom im lookin healthy
roomate.JPGmy roommate
tracy.JPGmy boss tracy
fire1.JPGsome late night fun
dinner.JPGdinner with the crew
surong 1.JPGsurong party
surong 2.JPGthis is why i got so much crap at the bars
tracy and i.JPGthe boss and i

just throwing up some pics from around airlie beach. i am having to work 7 days a week at the moment until they get someone else to help out. work is a blast. so many cool people come threw this place. another exciting thing happened to me today. i had lost my journal for the past week and i have been sweating bullets over it. today the bloke whom i sold the car to walked into work to hand me the journal and put a huge smile on my face. here comes turkey day. jsut one more holiday for me to miss. hope it all goes well with all fo you and your families.

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so as i mentioned in the last blog i have been left here in airlie while everyone has gone in different directions for the next few weeks. andy and brock have gone to cairns to meet up with mono , tom went to townseville to try his hand at mango picking. i am currently working at Peter Pan's travel agency geared towards backpackers and adventure travellers. besides P.F. changs which i liked for other reasons besides work* this is the first time i can actually say i like my job. i get to interact with tons of cool people with the same interests of travel. getting up for work is also very easy seeing that i live in the apartment connected to the back of the travel egency. the other night we all went to a function put on by one of the other trvael agnencies and we all had to dress like fijjans in surongs. we all had a great time at the party with the open bar and all was smooth until we decided to go to the bars in town without changing. we got so much crap for how we were dressed especially brenden (one of the travel agents) and i. another cool thing that has happened recently is the selling of the fairmont. with great marketting skills we sold her for 100 dollars more than we bought it and it was the first day we posted the sign. it surprised us that the fellow bought the car after the mechanic we took it to estimated it needed $800 in repairs to be "road worthy" whatever that means. the plan is to stay here in airle for another month or so then go and ave a big christmas and new years in sydney before flying to new zealand on the 6th of january. airle is a great town witth the downsides being to much nightlife and no surf. its terrrible but i have only surfed 2 times in oz. either the waves have been real bad or the distractions are to much. hopefully get alot of surfing done in new zealand and defenetly down in costa rica from feb. till about july hopefully. also thanksgiving is getting close and we all had plans to make a big dinner but now that we are all seperated my plan is to jsut get some KFC and watch a movie. not to conventional but what has been on this trip? hope all is well with everyone in the states and iv got to throw in a big happy birthday to my grandaddy whom turned 80 a couple days ago.

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