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what was the pirate movie rated?

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! haha and a few more pics

treassure.JPGmy treasure
koala thumb.JPG
roo1.JPGi actually got punched in the face by this one

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whoo-hoo what a beauty

crikey mate

yesterday the group headed to the oz. zoo " home of the croc hunter" what a cool experience! great time seeing animals we would never see at home and the croc feeding was great. it was great to see that the energy and effort that steve irwin had put into the place had payed off. he was more than jsut a tv personality but a real conservationist and that is apparent not jsut at the zoo but all over oz. where he was greatly admired. it is a shame that the generation after me will not be able to share the thrill and experiences that we were able to by watchin his show and learning from his conservation. i have some amazing pictures that i will post as soon as possible. halloween is tommoprow as you all know. we are having a big night out in brisbane and going the cheap route and doing togas. should make for an interesting pic at the end of the night. hope evryone has a great, safe halloween.

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crikey mate im going to the australian zoo

so we are headin out of rainbopw beach. we have added another car full of 2 brits and a canadian to our caravan. now that brock has more time we are heading south to stop at places we missed and we are going to the australian zoo which is croc hunters home. that will be tommorow so stay tuned for pics.

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Fraser Island

Travelling with the goonies and to much sand.

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in world. I am still dealing with it after 24 hours after return while still trying to get the stuff out of anywhere you would think sand could fit. Fraser is known as one of the modern 7 wonders of the world and it was not hard to see why. I have never seen so much beauty and wild life in a 3 day span on our trip.
we were set into three teams of 11 , team A , team B and team C. the original five were set in team B which we quickly changed our name to team BEAVER reasons unknown to me. Which is a good indication of the out of hand fun we had. Both nights we set up camp on the beach with the other teams which made it a blast. We had late night competitions between the teams and the not so odd race in our 4x4's which we were using to navigate the island. I wasn’t "aloud” to drive because im not 21 but that quickly changed as surprisingly enough after the others attempts I drove for a lot of the time because the others felt safe with my driving. This could have been because they were on the "GOON" the whole time. What the hell is goon? well it is probably the best invention in the world for any budgeting back packer looking for a good time. Bagged wine is what im talking about and it has been the drink of choice for everyone I have met in oz. so far. I think the team brought along 9 bags of wine which of course I didn’t have any part of mom. And the last drops were being pored up until 3 pm upon departure from the island.
goon.JPG(case in point)

Yeah yeah yeah I know you guys don’t want to hear about the drinking and good times but the beauty that the "goonies" which we were called saw. I don’t think I can put into words the amazing images of the island that I will have etched into my mind for the rest of my life. One day we hiked 2 kms through nothing but sand dunes to Lake Wabby which was one of the most rewarding thinks I have done. to come over a huge dune and see a beautiful Caribbean like lake surrounded only by sand dunes is something I will never forget especially since the goonies all decided that it would be a great time to do some skinny dipping with no one around for miles I think we all obliged which as most of you know took a lot of persuading for me to do.

There were also many dangers on the island that we had to deal with on a constant basis. Dingoes are a big threat and we had to keep our eyes out at all times. Also we couldn’t swim in the sea which was a big disappointment for me. The waves were real good but I didn’t even bother bring my board because of the constant threat of big tiger sharks which we saw and deadly jellyfish. Not to mention the complete absence of medical facilities on the island.

We ended the trip at another lake, lake McKenzie.mcke.JPG if there is a place called heaven and it is a lake, it must be an exact replica of this place. With sugar white sand and Caribbean like water I wasn’t having any qualms about life as you can imagine. On the way back a goon induced Andy punched the window out of the back of the car which they are still trying to work out now. Brock and I need to go pick our car up at the mechanic because it broke down on the way here which leads into another greater story. After breaking down 40kms from our destination we towed the Fairmont behind the euros van with a rope we had. Hitting 120 km/hr made for an interesting ride. I am having the time of my life and looks like Brock is as well because I think he might extend his trio another month or so. Let’s hope he does so I can keep trying to entertain you with some interesting stories.

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Fraser Island Pics

Just pics for now. Stay tuned for the blog explaning the hectic weekend.

fraser group.JPGteam "b- or beaver"
jumpin1.JPGpyramid.JPGme goonin.JPGthe "goon"
goonies.JPGa and b.JPGrock.JPGthe origianl 5
wreck.JPGroof top.JPGbrocks.JPGhey heather like his new haircut?

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